Tender Roses for Tough Climates

This ten-minute short film, composed of three acts, was shot throughout 2015 and 2016 in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Inspired by personal stories and historic figures, TRFTC revolves around a set of fabricated characters who elaborates on a certain dimension of Marcelo's vision of romance or the state of being a contemporary romantic.

Written & Directed by
Marcelo Gutierrez
Narrated by
Michael Walls
Original Score
Johnny Magee
Chapman Newnum
Marcelo Gutierrez, Chapman Newnum
Makeup & Hair
Marcelo Gutierrez, Marco Campos
Brendan Cameron, Morell Cutler, Marcelo Gutierrez, Peter Hernandez, Bryant Martin, Ruby McCollister, Ty Roach

Makeup Artist


Marcelo Gutierrez is a Colombian-born make up artist creating eye catching, artful narratives through makeup. His background in fine-art offers an effortless and unguarded approach to beauty and his natural eye for color and texture further injects an authentic quality to his work. Collaborating with rising iconic labels like Palomo Spain and Sies Marjan, Marcelo builds looks that are powerful and soft in a way that leaves it clear he knows a thing or two about beauty. Gutierrez has collaborated with brands like Gucci, Converse, Milk Makeup, Samsung, Adidas, Into The Gloss, Yaeji, Paper Magzine, Complex, Opening Ceremony, Times, LOROD, SSENSE, V Magazine, and Hello Mr. Magazine.